Aeronautics and air traffic control

SCASSI provides cybersecurity expertise in the Aeronautics sector, providing both cybersecurity support in relation to embedded components (EFB, DIODE) as well as securing Business IT infrastructures to perform Aircraft Navigation activities (CAUTRA, etc.).

This expertise results in proficiency in dedicated DO-178C standards, sector-specific processes (SAL, etc.) combined with our technological and methodological expertise in Cybersecurity.

A few examples of projects carried out by SCASSI engineers:

  • Software Vulnerability Analysis (SVA) methodology applied to avionics components
  • Management of security incidents and indicators on the information systems of aircraft manufacturers, their suppliers or airlines
  • Embedded cybersecurity architecture/COTS
  • Risk analyses on IT and business technical architectures
  • Hardening of real-time computers
  • Advice and support for CISO
  • Cybersecurity support in certification processes (DO-178C, ECSS, ARINC, etc.)
  • Infrastructure audits and optimisation
  • Intrusion tests on information systems and Product LifeCycle Management applications

Software Security

”Security” expertise, support and training on embedded software to support the development of processes, methods and software tools implemented on aircraft programs.

Embedded systems

Recognition of the threat and specification of Security requirements as part of the Safety initiative for embedded software in aircraft programs.